These wires are now being preferred over the FR wires in residential and commercial buildings due to reduced smoke generation. Polycab FRLS Wires have enhanced properties of PVC insulation to reduce the toxic smoke generated in case of fire. Modern households and offices have increased number of gadgets. This concentrated load increases the chances to fire due to overload and subsequent short circuit. Since fires are generally attributed to electrical short circuits, due care should be taken in selection and installation of low and non-toxic smoke generating wires and cables for highly populated buildings. Polycab FRLS Building Wires are premium quality wires with Flame Retardant Low Smoke properties. Oxygen Index of normal PVC Wires is about 25% while Polycab FRLS Building Wires have Oxygen Index of more than the minimum 29%. Low Smoke Density of 60% helps in facilitating faster evacuation and fire fighting activities. Download PDF : Poly Cab FR file